Rats vs Mice: How to Control Infestation

Rats and mice infestations are an age-old problem, but there’s still plenty of false information attached to these pests. You may be surprised by what many homeowners know or think they know about these rodents’ habits.

So in this article, we’ll expose some of the false information associated with rats and mice and provide you with tips on how to control these invasive pests. 


Rats vs Mice Myths

Early depictions in movies and television have influenced people into believing. They’re rodents that love to eat cheese while no rat or mouse will turn their nose at the offer. It will actually be a pretty poor bait to use when setting snap traps.

The reason is that she’s on her own is very easy for a rat or a mouse to simply pick up without setting off the traps. Try pressure-sensitive, trigger in order for a Snapchat to work enough pressure, must be applied to the trigger to ensure that your snap traps work.


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Tips on How to Control Rats and Mice Infestation

  1. We recommend you paint them with a sticky substance like peanut butter. Peanut butter is not only difficult to remove completely but it’s also got a strong scent that rats and mice can easily detect for fast and efficient rodent control.
  2. We recommend you use easy set rat traps for rats and easy set mouse traps for mice. These traps are designed portals in the center of the traps trigger area. Simply fill the well with peanut butter and properly. Set your trap close to where you’ve spotted rodent activity and he wrote in the area, will detect the bait and inspect the Trap since the peanut butter is placed in the well and here.
  3. Rat or Mouse will have to put its body weight onto the trigger, activating the trap and ensuring immediate elimination.
  4. Cats, dogs, owls, bats, and snakes are some natural, predators of rats and mice. Many homeowners believe that these animals alone are enough to keep any rodent population down, but rats and mice are smart pests that can crawl into tight spaces to avoid Predators. If these animals are kept as pets and are well fed and taken care of, then they are especially less likely to hunt.
  5. In other, for populations to decrease instead of relying on wildlife or pets to eliminate rats and mice. We recommend you use baits, like eradication said, within a solutions rat and mouse bait station by using baits.
  6. You can eliminate rats and mice without having to get your hands dirty, and the bait station provides rodents, with an ideal environment to eat or shelter in just set the eradication bait.
  7. Blocks into the station close the station and set up your bait station. Along your exterior perimeter or fence, rodents will be attracted to the eradication sent to consume the bait inside the station and will die in the field within 5 to 7 days. It may take up to two weeks to see a noticeable reduction in rodent activity when rodents are invading homes.
  8. They’re seeking to fulfill three basic needs of food water and shelter. They aren’t really particular about how clean or dirty it is while messy or homes can provide rodents with additional hiding spots. The rodent won’t know until it actually invades once it finds a way inside, it’ll start to pull nesting materials from inside, and around your home, since rats and mice, invade homes, indiscriminately.


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How to Prevent Rats and Mice Infestation

You’ll need to prevent them from invading your home by utilizing exclusion materials and integrated Pest Management or IPM.

First, inspect the inner and outer perimeter of your home for any openings, pests can use to invade. These openings will need to be repaired or filled with copper mesh and caulk outside of your home.

Clear away dense vegetation, including any overhanging tree branches at least three feet away from your structure.

Break away any Leaf litter and pick up and he longed to breathe, make sure your grass is cut to its preferred length drain any standing, water on your property, and make sure any firewood is properly stacked as far away from your structure as possible.

All these things combined will ensure few pests will view your property as livable. Once you’ve completed the exclusion and IPM, you can monitor for any future rodent or pest activity by setting glue traps around pest entry points. The pro glue board is great for mice and other small pests, well approach.

Glue board, XL is ideal for rats. Swiftly, pull away, the traps paper seals and set them near entry points where you’ve seen rodent activity.

If an infestation were to arise, this would give you an early warning giving you better control over the situation. If you a child or pet got stuck on a glue board, you can use any cooking oil to loosen the trap stickiness.


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People have been dealing with rats and mice for years, but the only way to successfully eliminate investigations is why arming ourselves with the correct knowledge and products necessary for control. With these professional products and tips, you can stop rodents from investing in the common property.

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